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vCLO Solutions

Vichara’s V* Solutions sets a new standard in high-performance computing for trading support, valuation and risk management software for the fixed income market participants.

V*CLO is high performance valuation and risk analysis platform for traders, portfolio managers and risk managers operating in the CLO market. The system combines Intex’s cash flow engine and loan level data with underlying portfolio prices and customer trade data, resulting in a comprehensive framework for advanced bond, portfolio and market analysis.

V*CLO is customizable to client specific needs and can integrate third party or proprietary data, analytics and credit models. The system fits seamlessly within Vichara’s cross-product platform as part of an enterprise-wide structured credit solution. V*CLO is fully scalable, and highly efficient through the use of grid processing across client hosted or public clouds.

Key Features

Portfolio Analytics

  • Bond, portfolio and market analysis
  • Underlying collateral analysis
  • Market value coverage and relative value analysis
  • Advanced leveraged loan analytics

Risk Management

  • Multi-scenario pricing and risk reporting
  • Portfolio- and single-security reporting tools
  • Search for loans and properties across the entire deal universe according to multiple criteria
  • Support of manual underwriting
  • Grid based computing framework
  • Direct integration with proprietary risk models

Reporting & Compliance

  • Ability to create custom views, dashboards and reports
  • Web-based, PDF or Excel viewing
  • Data visualization
  • Data export for adhoc analysis
  • Portfolio and deal performance and monitoring