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Vichara’s V* Solutions sets a new standard in high-performance computing for trading support, valuation and risk management software for the fixed income market participants.

Vichara’s vEquities is an equity derivatives system for Position Management, Trading, Risk Management, Middle-Office and Compliance.

Key Features

Position Management

  • Multi-level
    • Stocks & Options get aggregated into positions
    • Positions get aggregated to a Book Level
    • Multiple Books get aggregated for Overall Risk Management
  • Real-Time update of positions and all risk-metrics (greeks, long/short, sector exposure, etc.)
  • Ability to keep track of dividends, interest, commissions, stock-split, spin-offs, name change, etc

Risk Management

  • Long/Short
    • Gross & Net Exposure by Sector, Net Beta
    • Ability to set limits by stock, sector or overall leverage
    • Internal swings between books
  • Equity Derivatives
    • Multiple volatility assumptions
    • Real-time computation of option greeks
    • What-if computation on portfolio using various implied volatility scenarios


  • Connectivity to prime broker via FIX
  • Real-Time signals get displayed in a separate window
  • Point and Click interface
  • Single or portfolio of orders with a single command
  • Ability to auto-execute orders
  • Multi-user

Middle Office

  • Export end-of-day trade blotter
  • Morning reconciliation report on trades and positions with prime broker
  • Trade Commission Reconciliation
  • All information is stored in SQL databases for easy customization of reports on an as-needed basis

Black-Box Integration

  • Signals get displayed in real-time through tcp/ip socket and database interfaces
  • Parallel paper portfolio executes trades at signal price
  • Keep track of realized slippage in both real-time and for historical analysis